SigmaVision is a DICOM workstation available in two versions: local and Wado (remote) as an option of the WebServer module

SigmaVision study list


In addition to all the features of SigmaViewer, SigmaVision allows you to:

-Manage up to 4 monitors for viewing images

-Display multiple images in the same series in a quadrant (multi-view) even when unlink mode is selected

-View current and previous examinations simultaneously

-Sort images by multiple DICOM tags as the echo number for MR

-Measure the Cobb angle useful for exams of patients with scoliosis

-Customizing the display layout according to the type of images (CT, MR, CR etc.)

-Display the same point on different planes (3D Point),

-Measure area and density on uneven surfaces by using the polygonal ROI

-View the details through a dynamic magnifying glass

-User text annotation  on the image and measure the value of the pixel intensity

Wado version can display DICOM images contained in a folder or on a cd/dvd, manage automatic download and create / edit / print notes and reports

SigmaVision functions

SigmaVision runs only on windows os starting from XP sp3 and can use, for some elaborations, the graphics card GPU if directX 11 or higher.version is available

Multi Planar Reconstruction