Composer is a SigmaDicomStore module for printing images and reports on unique paper in Clipboard mode or file. Allows you to select images on file, change the parameters, process them, compose the layout (also automatically), make the measurements, create the report and store it or importing it automatically by other system. The layout of the file A4 or folder in SuperA3 format is customizable as well as the ability to print the report only, the only images or both with N edges and with the inclusion of graphic files for internal report logo on the outside or an advertising page in the case remains a white one. The printout is done through 5 keys can be used, for example, to print in b&w mode, color or on multiple printers.

Main functions:
-Save internal report on archive
-Up to 64 DICOM images for every single page
-Export to pdf
-Internal report Layout can be customised with automatic import data from dicom images headers
-Automatic Import of report from external application via virtual printer
-Drag and drop or click with right mouse button from the print Panel preview images
-Toner Save function
-Fixed image page layout or auto page layout that change dynamically depending on the number of images
-automatic insertion of an advertising page if one page at the end is empty
-Manage multiple report pages and images even in different format for page.
-CT/MR image overlay on Management type or below the type RX
-Up to 5 images in jpg/png for the back, top medical report, advertisements etc.
-Patient data management header on top of the images and headlines
-WYSIWYG Management of page images (like print preview)
-display only the report's only images or both
-integration with ris/his external systems for automatic image recall through xml messages over tcp/ip.

Images processing:
-Window and Level to images in grayscale
-Zoom, Panning and mirror left/right UP/DOWN
-Measure length, angle, roi
-Text comment label
-Rotate left/right, Reset values
-Select individual images or all

Print/Export functions:
-Only images on one or more pages, both on paper and as jpg, png or via DICOM PRINT to one or more printers
-Only report on one or more pages
-Front Page file with patient data, the inside booklet with images, report and last page through 5 preset profiles and 1 free


Free Download:

RX study (pdf 4 pages)

US study (pdf 8 pages)

MR study (pdf 6 pages)