VoltAmpLog is a IoT (Internet of Things) system, web based, that, in the event of a change of parameters outside the limits you set, automatically sends an e-mail message to one or more recipients.

Groups multiple instruments togheter for control and data analysis; it is a monitor, a recorder and an  analyzer, for three-phase mains, analog values,  temperature and relative humidity.

Valori istantanei
It controls, displays and stores constantly voltage, current, kW, kVAr, kVA, PF, THD, °C and relative humidity in %, kWh and kVArh taking account of harmonics.

V,I e THD in forma grafica

As an option, It also handles up to 12 lan probes for analog values (0-10V), temperature and relative humidity. Each probe has an output contact useful for controlling acoustic and/or Visual indicators in case of alarm.

Temperature ed umidità relative settimanaliweekly graph of helium mr compressor

Tensioni e correnti 24h

VoltAmpLog is installed near the main electrical panel and is connected to the Internet via lan cable or wi-fi. It stores the captured data for at least 18 months regardless of the number of events due to high storage capacity available.

Grafico T&H 24h con foglio elettronico

All data can be downloaded from the web and can be further processed with Excel or Calc without using dedicated applications as CSV.

Evento. caduta di tensione su 2 fasi
Data collection takes place through digital conversion to 2 kHz sampling rate and 24-bit resolution with up to 600A and 600V RMS in the standard version. It also calculates the daily consumption in the wanted period so you can optimize electric consumption.

Consumo energia nel periodo
VoltAmpLog is useful also to reduce maintenance costs of medical and industrial equipment and for the protection of all processes where it is important that there are no power outages and/or changes in temperature and relative humidity