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VoltAmpLog is a web based iot (Internet of Things) system that allows to record and analyze the three-phase electrical network, relative temperature and humidity and analog values.
It groups together multiple control and analysis tools and, in case of change of parameters outside the set limits, automatically sends an alert via e-mail to one or more recipients.


Three-phase electrical network

It constantly monitors and stores the values of voltage, current, kW, kVAr, kVA, PF, THD V and I in %, kWh and kVArh taking into account the harmonics.

The latest recorded data are summarized in tables for immediate check.


It manages, optionally, up to 12 LAN probes for 0-10V analog inputs, temperature and relative humidity.

Each probe can control up to two channels and has a useful output to drive acoustic and/or visual indicators in case of alarm.


VoltAmpLog is placed near the main electrical panel and connected to the Internet via LAN cable or wireless network.

Data acquisition takes place via 24bit resolution digital conversion with 2khz sampling and up to 600A and 600V RMS in the standard version.

It keeps captured data in memory for at least 18 months regardless of the number of events due to the high storage capacity available.


VoltAmpLog allows to view the data captured through graphs by selecting specific periods in terms of date and time, with daily or five-minute intervals. It also allows to view and filter recorded events.

In addition, all the acquired data can be downloaded from the web and further processed thanks to the export in CSV format.

VoltAmpLog is therefore a useful optimization tool for the maintenance of medical and industrial equipment and to safeguard all processes where it is important that there are no power interruptions and/or variations outside specific temperature and relative humidity thresholds.